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Paraquat Lawsuit

The chemical compound paraquat dichloride has been utilised as a herbicide since the 1950s. Paraquat, which can only be ingested directly, has no known treatments. Handling paraquat poisoning requires specialised training because it results in one to two fatalities per year.

Some detractors claim that the public is still at risk when paraquat is used as directed. Although authorised users are still allowed to utilise paraquat in the US, several lawsuits have been filed because of the available legal possibilities and the accusations that have been made.

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    The commonly used and sold potent pesticide paraquat, which is combined with water and sprayed on crops, is thought to be the long-term cause of Parkinson’s disease. It has proven to be highly successful at getting rid of weeds and grasses that are glyphosate-resistant. Due of their intimate touch with the herbicide in this scenario, farmers are at risk. Residents in the area are exposed to the toxic pesticide, which is also used on industrial farms.

    Parkinson’s complaint alleges that the risk was not adequately disclosed by the manufacturers. Attorneys are defending farmers, agricultural workers, and others in damage claims.


    There are many reasons to file a lawsuit if you were exposed to paraquat and later developed Parkinson’s disease.

    An experienced paraquat lawyer can help you file a claim for potential settlement, hold companies accountable for misconduct, and increase public understanding of the dangers of paraquat.


    Plaintiffs in paraquat lawsuits assert that the manufacturer of the weed killer knew for a very long time that it was dangerous and might cause Parkinson’s disease. They continued selling it since they didn’t inform the plaintiffs or anybody else about it.

    Products containing paraquat are produced by over 377 companies worldwide. One of the most well-known brands in the US is Gramoxone from Syngenta. Here, the case might hold companies accountable for their negligence. Juries occasionally award punitive penalties to penalise companies who knowingly endanger the public.


    There are several long-term and short-term impacts of paraquat, and the MDL is still in its early phases, thus no settlement has yet been reached. The settlement’s available money may vary depending on how many parties participate. The paraquat cases are being heard in civil court, thus only monetary damages may be recovered. Therefore, it is more important for the plaintiffs to be able to calculate the past and future costs related to their paraquat exposure.


    Theoretically, anyone who has been exposed to paraquat and developed health problems might sue the chemical’s manufacturers and distributors in the US. You might want to consult with a lawyer to have the merits of your case assessed if you have Parkinson’s disease, were directly exposed to paraquat, currently reside in or formerly did so in an agricultural area where it may have been employed.

    Even while there is now no evidence to support the claim that indirect paraquat exposure raises the incidence of Parkinson’s, there is a substantial body of research suggesting that even a little amount of the chemical can be dangerous if consumed. Don’t assume that you need to work in the agricultural sector or have experience making paraquat to bring a lawsuit.

    In the numerous paraquat litigation that are currently pending, the vast majority of plaintiffs are either paraquat users, had direct exposure while employed in agriculture, or worked in a paraquat production plant. You already have a lot in common with the plaintiffs in these lawsuits if you fall into one of these categories and suffer Parkinson’s disease.

    After having your case examined by a mass torts lawyer, you’ll eventually obtain more understanding of the strength of your particular case.


    Another way to determine the amount is to look at previous cases of diseases with similar symptoms. Given the rarity of Parkinson’s cases, it is useful to contrast them with tardive dyskinesia, a similar condition. Settlements in these cases have ranged from the hundreds of thousands to the millions of dollars. However, none of these cases featured numerous plaintiffs; each only involved a single plaintiff.

    The settlement amount will ultimately depend on the quantity of claimants who file a lawsuit as well as the gravity of each claimant’s injuries.


    In America, one million people have Parkinson’s disease. If even 10% of these Parkinson’s cases can be attributed to Paraquat, then there could be 100,000 possible claims. We predict an increase in the number of Paraquat disease litigation given the severity of Parkinson’s disease.

    The Paraquat litigation lawyers at Masstort Counsel are currently searching for fresh Paraquat cases. If you used or were exposed to Paraquat and then acquired a verified Parkinson’s Disease diagnosis, you may be qualified to bring a Paraquat case.

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